almost wish i was born on a Friday the 13th though so i can claim my birth was cursed

doesnt quite hit the same when its not in october.

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just realized next month we have a friday the 13th. wild innit

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@synthesystem ohh..... chromebooks suck so bad im sorry :( im guessing since its for school you cant like, change the OS on it.......

its free on mobile and it does crossplatform o:

@synthesystem are you in the among us waterfall server? also u can play /w me !!

i rly wanna play uh. phasmophobia with ppl rn.

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*is a ghost orb*

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This brings us back to our ghost hunting TV show phase. Ghost Adventures,,, we miss you

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i wanna watch a show like that with someone on like, tutturu or something TToTT

*flies into u*

*is a ghost orb*

@synthesystem *googles my eyes*

@synthesystem i feeeeeeell super awkward so im just going to become a lil rock.

@synthesystem @idioticsilverware
i'm not mad at either of you. i'm not mad in general. just vaguely uncomfortable that i, for the third time on this website within the last 3 months, got an ask asking me about stuff on my dnf in hopes of opening up a discourse with me. that's not your fault, but please dont get involved in the future if it happens a fourth time. (i genuinely hope it doesn't)

more on the tags for that last post, if you dont understand a terminology, that's not really my problem. the hyperfixation on asking minorities to educate the ignorant is kinda gross. that isn't my job, you aint my friend. especially if you approach me on anon.

idk who anon was but im like. fairly certain they were being malicious in their first message, then tried to backpedal when they realized i wouldnt budge or take the bait.

which fuckin sucks. then synthe got involved for some reason and something they said made it sound like they were the anon, which i guess wasn't true. i'm not 100% sure on anything. i sent them a calmer message back explaining how i felt with that assumption. nd now people are mad at me i guess.

so. like. sorry for the misunderstanding.

*becomes slimeman*

if u disagree /w me or u plan on breaking my dnf (u would unfollow me for venting, for example) just block me. im not open to discussion abt whats listed on my dnf.

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this isn't to avoid controversy, i could care less about that. im already pretty much a pariah for my opinions, its to avoid stressing me out and to avoid people harassing me and misgendering me.

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it says pretty clearly that i dont want to debate/discuss.

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whyd i lose a follow for talking about how upset i am???????? bruh dont follow if ur gonna break my dnf

today and yesterday have been extremely emotional and depressing for me and it Keeps Getting Worse

finding out some of ur faves are emotionally abusive or even physically abusive breaks ur fucking heart.

also finding out that michael jones used to say the n word and mock black people hurts so fucking bad.

today i found out that trevor collins is a serial abuser. holy shit its so bad.

ntm ryan haywood cheated on his wife for 3 years with various people, one of which was a 17 yr old girl 9she lied abt her age so i cant fault him for not knowing her real age but cmon..)

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kinda fucked up that somebody i thought i was friends with hardblocked ME after THEY broke my dni, and when THEY asked ME for my opinion on something controversial.

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ok here wz th doodle ovvvvv my friendz sona..... i ofc Leikk........ dezigned da outfit tho... bc i wz thinkin... abt clothing...... liek thiz

th shaded ver but i think i prefer da flat more... which iz y itz da main 1